2016 Dora Award Nominations

2016_Dora-Awards-hero-image-950x400_v1The 37th Annual Dora Award nominations have been announced! Congratulations to the following members of the LeFeaver Talent family for their incredible work this year:

Outstanding Production – General Theatre Division
Bombay Black – featuring Anusree Roy & Howard Davis
The Great War – featuring Richard Alan Campbell

Outstanding Performance (Female) – General Theatre Division
Anusree Roy – Bombay Black

Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) – General Theatre Division
(We Are Proud to Present…) – featuring Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah & Michael Ayres
Happy Place – featuring Pamela Sinha, Liisa Repo-Martell & Caroline Gillis
The Great War – featuring Richard Alan Campbell

Outstanding New Play – Independent Theatre Division
A Man Walks Into a Bar – Written by/Starring Rachel Blair

Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) – Independent Theatre Division
Mockingbird – featuring Tess Degenstein

Outstanding Production – Musical Theatre Division
Century Song – featuring Neema Bickersteth

Outstanding Performance (Female) – Musical Theatre Division
Neema BickerstethCentury Song

Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) – Musical Theatre Division
Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang – featuring Damien Atkins
Marat/Sade – featuring Liisa Repo-Martell & Caroline Gillis

Outstanding Production – Theatre for Young Audiences Division
One Thing Leads to Another – featuring Audrey Dwyer
Scarberia – featuring Alejandra Simmons

Outstanding New Play – Theatre for Young Audiences Division
One Thing Leads to Another – Co-Written By/featuring Audrey Dwyer

Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) – Theatre for Young Audiences Division
Hana’s Suitcase – featuring Jeff Miller & Jeff Ho
One Thing Leads to Another – featuring Audrey Dwyer



View the full list of nominees HERE.

Anusree Roy, Howard Davis, Pamela Sinha, Liisa Repo-Martell, Caroline Gillis, Damien Atkins & Audrey Dwyer are represented by Nancy LeFeaver

Richard Alan Campbell & Neema Bickersteth are represented by Colleen Loucks

Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Michael Ayres, Tess Degenstein, Jeff Miller & Jeff Ho are represented by Karen Bernstein

Rachel Blair & Alejandra Simmons are represented by Alicia Faucher