2016 MyTheatre Award Nominations

The MyTheatre Award nominations have been announced! Congratulations to the following members of the LeFeaver Talent family for their incredible work this year:

Outstanding Solo Performance                                kelly-bedard-design
Anusree Roy in Pyaasa


Outstanding Ensemble (Large)
The Aeneid –featuring Karen Robinson & Michael Spencer Davis
Breath of Kings – featuring Carly Street & Anusree Roy
Incident at Vichy – featuring Meegwun Fairbrother
Our Town –  featuring Ben Campbell


Outstanding Ensemble (Medium)
Chasse-Galerie  –  featuring Tess Benger
Pomona –  featuring Liza Balkan


Outstanding Actress (Large)*
Susan Coyne in The Realistic Joneses


Outstanding Actress (Medium)
Pamela Mala Sinha in Refuge


Outstanding Actress (Small)
Virgilia Griffith in How We Are


Outstanding Supporting Actor (Medium)
Kaleb Alexander in Venus’ Daughter


Outstanding Supporting Actress (Large)
Nancy Palk in You Will Remember Me


View the full list of nominees HERE